New iFixit Video Shows How to Drill a Keyring Hole in Your AirTag

Are AirTags just an excuse to offer $30 keychains? Unlike Tile trackers, Apples new AirTags do not have built-in keyring holes. A new iFixit video reveals how to safely drill a hole through your AirTag, getting rid of the requirement for costly accessories.
The brand-new video develops on iFixits AirTag teardown, providing step-by-step directions for those who desire to drill a hole through their AirTag. Doing so is simple, so long as you have an electrical drill, a little drill bit, and something to hold your AirTag in place, such as a clamp or vise grip.

, ifixit

Despite the AirTags compact construct, some areas of its outer rim are hollow. You can drill through these spaces without striking the AirTags reasoning board or antennas. iFixit suggests intending for a point near one of the AirTags battery clips, which you can see in the above video.
Drilling a hole in your AirTag is a simple and inexpensive way to avoid buying accessories from Apple or Belkin, but it will void your manufacturers service warranty. It could likewise expose your AirTag to dust and water. Unless youre a daredevil, it might be better to buy a cheap AirTag holder or create your own AirTag holder using a paracord or duct tape.
Source: iFixit