Nomad releases waterproof AirTag Rugged Keychain

The AirTag Rugged Keychain from Nomad is a water resistant enclosure that can be engraved and used for pets.Rugged Keychain is available in both white and black colorways and includes 2 enclosure choices. Youll have the option in between an IP67 water resistance rating or a speaker-hole version.AirTag by itself has an IP67 resistance ranking allowing it to stay immersed in a meter of water for up to 30 minutes, however by putting AirTag inside the water resistant Rugged Keychain enclosure, that defense is bolstered. Utilize the enclosure with a water resistant rating for a family pet collar or for a keyring that might get exposed to severe conditions.
The optional metal insert can serve as an animal ID for a collar
Consumers can select to get an inscription on a small metal insert that fits in the Nomad Rugged Keychain. With the metal insert, the Rugged Keychain looks similar to an animal ID tag that does not call much attention to the AirTag.Stay on top of all Apple news right from your HomePod.