Not just you: Several Apple online services are having ‘issues’

Issues with several iCloud services are avoiding some users from accessing them. Image: Cult of Mac/Mabel Amber/Pexels CC

Anyone having trouble with Apples Find My service, or signing into iCloud, can stop rebooting their gadgets attempting to repair the issue. Apple itself reports that four of its online services are presently experiencing problems.

A check of Apples official System Status page reveals the quartet listed as having “problems.” That consists of:

Some users of these services might not discover anything incorrect. Thats because Apple says the issue affects some users but not all. A note on all four says, “Users may be not able to utilize this service.”

Thats because Apple says the problem affects some users but not all. A note on all 4 says, “Users might be unable to use this service.”

And this may not be a fast fix. At last check, the issues had actually been going on for over 3 hours.
All other Apple online services are operating usually.
Apples own System Status page shows which services are presently having issues.

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