Nothing Announces Something … and It’s Earbuds

Mystical tech brand name Nothing, led by ex-OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, lastly revealed its very first item. Releasing this June, the Ear 1 wireless earbuds combine “notes of transparency, iconic kind, and fine-tuned functionality.” Neat!
Nothings 383-word statement does not delve into the Ear 1s “leading secret” style. Instead, the statement hypes Nothings terrific dramatic vision, artistry, and purpose.
The remarkable post is, in truth, filled with nothing but Nothing Because it hasnt launched any products, its an ode to a company that does not have a track record.

While we dont know any helpful information about the Ear 1 buds, we understand that they have actually a stemmed design thanks to a teaser image published by Carl Pei (imagined above). We likewise understand that Nothing worked together with Teenage Engineering on the Ear 1, and that the earbuds could include transparent plastic, just like the Concept 1 gadget shared by Nothing last month.
When Nothing launches the Ear 1 in June, well finally have the possibility to see if its items can “get rid of barriers in between people and innovation to create a smooth digital future.” Hopefully the business can live up to its claims, as it prepares to release a community of connected smart gadgets in the future.
Source: Nothing.