Oops: Marvel’s new trailer might confirm a huge leak from 2021’s most exciting MCU movie

Well alert you that considerable spoilers follow below, so stop reading right here if you want Eternals to be a complete surprise.
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Marvel amazed fans on Monday with a three-minute montage that promotes its motion pictures in the finest possible methods. It includes a few of the unbelievable MCU moments that weve experienced because the very first Iron Man was released in theaters, in addition to teasers for upcoming destinations. Marvel revealed the titles for Black Panther 2 and Captain America 2, and it confirmed release dates for Ant-Man 3 and Guardians 3 while likewise teasing the Fantastic Four reboot.
Among the videos highlights was the very first video footage from Eternals, one of the 4 MCU Phase 4 motion pictures set to be launched this year. Marvel hasnt even launched a teaser or a complete trailer for the film, which is set to premiere on November 5th. But the scenes that Marvel did show might be enough to validate a huge Eternals leak from a few weeks ago that was packed filled with spoilers. The films whole plot supposedly leaked in fantastic information from an individual who was vetted before publishing it on Reddit, and Marvels scenes from this brand-new video seem to substantiate it.

The Eternals plot leak that we saw in late March came from a Marvel subreddit, with the mods describing that they had the ability to verify the credibility of the details. “This plot summary was sent to us a couple of days back and was followed by undeniable proof of accurate info by the leaker,” they stated at the time. The leakers account of the Eternal story originated from a “very early test screening” that featured incomplete FX, short-lived music tracks, and scenes that may not make it to the last cut.
Heres the information from the plot leak that matches what we simply saw in Marvels main video:

Kingo [Kumail Nanjiani] is a Bollywood star (there is a brief dance routine that introduces this) and comes with the group together with his valet (dont recall the name) who tries to document whatever on video.

Marvel included a scene in the promo video that seems to verify that information, which no one beyond individuals included with the films production would have understood. We have Kingo in the leading edge taking off his glasses, while an individual behind him is obviously documenting whatever around him.
Kingo (Kumail Nanjiani) in the forefront of an Eternals scene Marvel consisted of in a new MCU promo video. Image source: Marvel Studios
We already understood that Nanjiani will play a Bollywood actor in Eternals who likewise happens to be a powerful Eternal. This specific scene matches the information from the plot leak from a few days ago. Unless its all a massive coincidence, Marvel may have inadvertently confirmed the plot leak on Reddit.
Ive always stated that Eternals is one of the most amazing films of MCU Phase 4 that will be released this year, and that was well prior to all these leaks started coming in– and long before director Chloé Zhao won an Oscar for Nomadland. Thats because the film includes a fantastic ensemble cast, including lots of brand-new heroes who we have not checked out in the MCU so far. Some of them will likely join the Avengers in the future. Marvels clip reveals a number of them in action, not just Nanjianis Kingo– heres the clip again:

Lastly, heres the full Eternals plot leakage that was dripped a couple of weeks ago:

Marvel hasnt even launched a teaser or a full trailer for the movie, which is set to premiere on November 5th. The scenes that Marvel did reveal might be enough to verify a huge Eternals leak from a couple of weeks ago that was packed complete of spoilers. The movies whole plot allegedly dripped in excellent detail from a person who was vetted prior to posting it on Reddit, and Marvels scenes from this new video appear to corroborate it.

The Eternals plot leakage that we saw in late March came from a Marvel subreddit, with the mods explaining that they were able to validate the authenticity of the details. The Eternals reveal up and a short battle commences, after which they line up in a triangular “hero” present and this rolls into the Marvel logo design opening.

There is a lot of leaping around in time to provide context to various plot points– I do not remember all of the direct order so will just consist of the details as part of the run-through
Opening title card discussing the Deviants and Eternals– the Deviants were created by the Celestials to hunt predators that take advantage of smart life on freshly progressing worlds, however then they started to hunt the life also, so Celestials created the Eternals to eliminate the Deviants.
Opens 5000 years earlier in Mesopotamia a male is fishing on some rocks with his boy (?) and is attacked by a Deviant from the ocean. The Eternals reveal up and a short fight commences, after which they line up in a triangular “hero” position and this rolls into the Marvel logo design opening.
Dives to present day– Sersi [Gemma Chan] and Dane Whitman [Set Harington] are teachers in the UK and dating. Throughout a class lesson, a big earthquake strikes, and Sersi saves a child from a falling object by turning it to sand. Later on while out on a date, a Deviant attacks Sersi, Sprite [Lia McHugh], and Dane; during the battle Ikaris [Richard Madden] programs up and they battle it off after keeping in mind that they believed all the Deviants were ruined and unlike others, the Deviant had the ability to heal its wounds.
After arriving at the midwest cattle ranch where she is now living, they find her dead body, A small golden gadget leaves Ajaks body and enters Sersi (this is how she communicated with the Celestials)– they then decide to round up the rest of the Eternals to deal with the Deviants.
Thena [Angelina Jolie] and Gilgamesh [Ma Dong-seok] remain in Australia (I think) due to an issue with her memory causing her to randomly attack the other Eternals. Gilgamesh is undoubtedly in love with Thena however it is not played as a romantic relationship.
Phastos [Brian Tyree Henry] and his husband cope with their child and he chooses to help due to the reality that he has totally welcomed the human race and wishes to safeguard his family.
Makkari [Lauren Ridloff] has actually been living in the Eternals deliver all this time (I think, considering that there is a lot of food containers and mess strewn about.
Kingo [Kumail Nanjiani] is a Bollywood actor (there is a brief dance routine that introduces this) and comes with the group together with his valet (do not recall the name) who attempts to document whatever on video.
Druig [Barry Keoghan] is living in some rain forest managing a small village of individuals after losing faith in mankind and wanting to manage them to stop war, starvation, etc. Gilgamesh is eliminated battling the Deviants in the forest.
Sersi learns that the Celestials produced both races and that the Eternals are basically simply really sophisticated robots. The developing intelligent life on these planets feeds the Celestials development, so the Eternals are sent out to safeguard the progressing life kinds and eliminate the Deviants. After the introduction, the Eternals are restarted and sent to another world (this is the cause of Thenas memory concern, as she understands that the planet is doomed)– this cycle has gone on for millions of years.
They discuss on what to do and some decide to find a method and try to stop the development. Ikaris disagrees, Sprite and Kingo are on his side however Kingo consents to help.
Phastos creates a device (Uni-Mind) that will enable Druig to channel all the Eternals energies in the hope of controlling Tiamut and putting him back to sleep.
Sersi finds out that Ikaris understood about the Celestials real strategies and this is why he left the group hundreds of years ago. Due to the fact that she had chosen to assist stop the emergence and save Earth, he killed Ajak.
The group go to where Tiamut is and effort to utilize the device– Ikaris and Sprite effort to stop them. Sersi then utilizes the device to magnify her power and turn Tiamut to marble just as his hand and part of his head is emerging from the Indian Ocean.
Ikaris flies off into space (towards the sun– uncertain if he simply left or flew into the sun and killed himself), then Sersi makes Sprite a real human with what stays of her power.
A few days (?) later Thena, Makkari, and Druig leave in the ship to seek out other Eternals and stop the cycle and try of damage. Sersi, Kingo, and Phastos remain on Earth however are then pulled into area by Arishem and vanish.
The two end credit stingers: 1) Dane is taking a look at an old box and takes out a sword that is finished up. Simply as he is about to touch it, an off screen voice stops him. 2) On the Eternals ship, Pip the Troll introduces and appears Starfox.

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