Organic Roots: Sunsoil Creative Showcase

At very first look, Sunsoil, a Vermont-based organic CBD company, may appear like “one of numerous” when it pertains to the progressively saturated CBD supplement market. An appearance through their site, their branding and even a brief 2nd glance at their story will leave you happily surprised.
The company proudly does things in a different way than the other men, hanging their hats on processes that can be traced back to their farms, their laboratory and the individuals that make it all run. Sunsoils products are constructed from the ground up.
With the CBD market taking off and considerable advertising constraints put on the market, Sunsoil came to KSV with a difficulty: they needed to additional separate their brand from the competition and increase awareness and purchase intent among prospective customers.
In keeping with the Sunsoil brand name and guiding concepts, we understood we could successfully attain their goals with a less-is-more, keep-it-simple type of technique. Just put, we informed their truth..
To reach their designated audiences with the advertising restrictions put on the CBD and supplement market, we needed to get imaginative, eventually choosing on a mix of pre-roll and linked tv to share Sunsoils distinctively transparent, truthful and basic but resonant story..
The result? Brand name awareness increased by 50% and consumer purchase intent increased by 38%..
Have a look at the complete campaign below: