Pok Pok Playroom Is a Goal-Free Kids’s App from ‘Alto’s Odyssey’ Creators

Pok Pok
From the creators of Altos Odyssey and Altos Adventure, Pok Playroom is a new subscription-based app that motivates kids to explore their imagination without the failures, accomplishments, and objectives encountered in many kids video games. Pertaining to iPhone and iPad on May 20th, Pok Playroom costs $4 a month or $30 a year.
Pok Pok Playroom ignores (or straight-out avoids) much of the tropes discovered in kids games. You will not come across dazzling sound results, fancy animations, condescending tutorials, or talking animals in Pok Playroom, and the open-ended app doesnt set goals or force kids into repeated reward loops. Instead, Pok Playroom is like a virtual box of old-fashioned toys, providing kids the liberty to envision their own stories and explore their imagination.

Enthusiastic in scope, Pok Playground started its life as a side job by Esther Huybreghts and Mathijs Demaeght of Snowman, the studio responsible for Altos Adventure. The team began deal with Pok after understanding that kids apps lacked the flexibility of building blocks and other real-world toys. Now the task is coming to life, and its developers supervise of Pok studios, a spin-off of Snowman.
Most of the games in Pok Playground are straight motivated by traditional kids toys. There are developing blocks, a digital paintbrush, and a virtual table covered in enjoyable buttons.
Pok Pok has no in-app purchases and expenses $4 a month or $30 a year (after a 14-day trial). The app will get constant updates after it launches May 20th, though it will remain relatively small to keep kids from getting overwhelmed. Currently, Pok hasnt announced plans to release its app on Fire tablets or Android phones.
Source: Pok through 9to5Mac