PSA: You Can Drag Tabs between Browser Windows in Chrome and Other Browsers

When you “drop” the tab into the other windows tab bar, youll see the tab appear in the tab list of the location window.

Did you understand you can drag tabs between internet browser windows in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari on Windows, Linux, and Mac? It seems apparent in retrospection, however numerous individuals never ever observe. Heres how to do it.
Open Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, or Mozilla Firefox on a Mac or PC. Open a few tabs in one web browser window and then press Ctrl+ N (or Command+ N on a Mac) to open another browser window.
To move a tab between browser windows, click and drag the tab from the tab bar in one window onto the tab bar in another window.
( In Safari, you can alternatively simply drag a tab and drop it anywhere on top of another Safari web browser window.).

Pretty easy? Thats it!
In Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, you can also select several tabs by clicking while holding down Ctrl (or Command on a Mac). Once theyre picked, you can drag them off into a brand-new window, or you can close them all at as soon as by pressing any tabs “X” button.
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