Review: Belkin’s Key Ring and Strap Are Affordable AirTag Accessory Options

Apple designed the AirTags without any sort of hole or attachment indicate connect them to keys, bags, and other items, which has opened an entire new market for AirTag accessories.
Apples own AirTag add-ons are priced beginning at $29, which is the exact same price as a standalone AirTag, so its quite a financial investment to utilize among those. Luckily there are lots of third-party AirTag devices that are already available on the marketplace, and Belkin is one of the first business to come out with an AirTags solution.
Belkin has the Secure Holder With Keyring and the Secure Holder with Strap, both of which are priced at $12.95 and can be found in black, white, blue, and pink.
The Key Ring and the Strap really feature similar designs, however one has a key ring to attach to a set of keys or a zipper and the other has a loop type nylon strap that can be used for backpacks, travel luggage, and other products.
Each Secure Holder comes out of the product packaging in two halves that are created to twist together and lock in place. The Secure Holders are made from a tough plastic material rather than a soft material, and theres an opening at the top of each one that acts as an accessory point.
You need to line the AirTag up in the middle of the holder and them move the two halves of the holder into place. From there, you can connect either the essential ring or the strap to the leading and use it as regular.
There are grooves at the top of the Secure Holder that work as a guide for how to twist it apart to get the AirTag out. Some people who have actually used these have actually noted that theyre tough to get separated, especially if you put the 2 halves together without putting an AirTag in first, but I have not had an issue so far.
I put among my thumbs on each groove and after that twist one side up and one side down to get the Secure Holder apart. I have not had actually the holder split up without intentionally trying to take it apart in my screening, so it seems durable enough to house the AirTag.
The style of the Secure Holder leaves a little bit of a plastic lip around all sides of the AirTag, which Belkin says is for scratch security. I believe youre possibly still visiting scratching on the stainless steel side of the AirTag in time even if these are implied to be exposed to secrets and other products, but the lip may help reduce the worst of the scratching.
I have no issues with the strap or the crucial ring, and both appear durable enough. The essential ring is a basic silver essential ring you may see connected to any keychain, while the strap is made from a braided product with a plastic lock at the top holding the 2 ends together.
I do not think its a terrific idea to hang an AirTag beyond a piece of travel luggage, a bag, or a backpack when theres adequate space inside for storage purposes, however the strap will be available in convenient if you require to use it for something where internal storage is not an alternative. The key ring is naturally ideal for keys, though you could likewise stick it on a zipper on a bag or coat.
Bottom Line
I think Belkins Secure Holders are worth checking out if youre looking for a cost effective and efficient device to attach your AirTag to various products.
How to Buy
The Secure Holder with Key Ring and Secure Holder with Strap can be purchased from the Apple online store for $12.95, and will deliver out by June.