‘Shot on iPhone’ film reveals camera tricks for capturing the beauty of spring

Maturity sets out to motivate budding professional photographers and videographers with what they can do with just an iPhone 12 electronic camera. Photo: Apple

Maturity, a new spring-themed video commissioned by Apple, consists of some incredible photography finished with an iPhone 12. Its part of the long-running “Shot on iPhone” series that shows the abilities of the cams constructed into Apple handsets. A highlight of the latest offering is stop-motion video done with flowers and fruit.
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Those utilizing older iOS models should not feel daunted. In 2020, Apple commissioned a video displaying the Ultra Wide camera in the iPhone 11 Pro in the beautiful Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada.

The YouTube video was produced by Donghoon J. and James T. of Incite. The artists start by developing stop-motion video, which includes a great deal of work for them. But then they show the slo-mo abilities constructed into the iPhone 12.
The third sector of Full Bloom consists of some amazing time-lapse video of flowers flowering taken with the camera built into Apples latest handset.
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Or theres a video that presses the iPhone XS Max electronic camera to its limitation in the conceptual video Glacier.