Slap A Wallet on Your iPhone 12 with Otterbox’s New MagSafe Options

OtterBox has included 2 new additions to its line of MagSafe iPhone devices. Theres the standalone OtterBox Wallet for MagSafe, for structured card and money storage, and the Folio for MagSafe, which offers storage as well as screen security.
The Wallet for MagSafe uses 2 ID slots and room to store money and guards your cards from magnetic damage. Itll work on all iPhone 12 gadgets, and can even attack through Otterboxs MagSafe cases, like the Figura, Aneu, or Symmetry models. Its made from soft-touch artificial leather and looks more rugged than Apples leather wallet option, and its strong magnets will remain attached and lined up on the back of your iPhone.
The Folio for MagSafe is a wallet-style case made with the exact same artificial leather as the Wallet for MagSafe. It includes three card slots, together with area for cash, and twists around your phone to keep your iPhones screen safeguarded. The Folio stays closed when youre not on your phone, thanks to the strong magnetic latch, and you can even use it in tandem with suitable OtterBox cases.
Both of OtterBoxs brand-new designs have an easy all-black style that looks tidy and trendy. They are both a bit pricey– thats $39.95 for the wallet and $49.95 for the folio– they do cost less than Apples leather wallet so theyre an excellent alternative.