The 6 Best Single Monitor Mounts

Expression: One of the main benefits of a screen install is how flexible they are, so when it comes to articulation (the number of joints the install has), the more the merrier. Most installs will allow you to adjust the tilt, angle, height, and orientation of the display to your taste, however well specify if an install on this list is missing any of these specifics.
Installing Type: All the stands on this list use VESA installs– the standard installing bracket utilized for computer system screens. Most contemporary displays feature VESA installs, however if youre uncertain yours does, take a look at the back of the display and see if it has 4 screw holes in a large, square formation– if it does, then youre excellent to go.
Support: Monitors can be found in all sizes and shapes, however mounts will be limited in the weight and size they can securely support. Every mount has a weight and size limitation it recommends, and well make certain to mention that in each area.
Style: Theres more than one method to develop a monitor mount, but the most popular designs are clamp-on, freestanding, and wall installs. Clamp-on installs connect to the side of your desk with a clamp. These are the most popular, however they do not deal with every desk since they need a flat, robust surface on the top and bottom. Freestanding installs simply rest atop your desk like a typical stand, but they consume a lot of surface location as a result. Wall installs avoid all of these concerns by installing into the wall, however that assumes you have a wall close by you can screw into. Generally, theres no “proper” style to select here, it just boils down to individual choice and what works best in your setup.

Finest Premium: Amazon Basics Premium Monitor Stand
Amazon supplies a quite strong choice if you want something sturdy. This all-aluminum stand is a toughie, enabling all the adjustability you d want, while also guaranteeing it will not give in the pressure. Its outfitted to support displays up to 25 pounds and 32-inches, and comes in either black or silver.

Best Overall: ErGear Monitor Stand
This clamp-on mount from ErGear will cover all your standard needs well. It can support displays approximately 26.5 pounds and 35-inches, functions full expression, and there are even some helpful cable management routes concealed in the arm. The basic styling will suit any workplace, and it examines all packages you d require it to– absolutely nothing to grumble about here.

Best Premium

Finest Budget: Amazon Basics Single Monitor Mount
While a feature-packed mount is great, not everyone needs that. Amazons normal single display install need to be terrific for you if you want something simpler while saving a couple of dollars at the same time. It lacks the articulation of advanced mounts, only allowing you to adjust the height and angle, however it still sports a metal construction and can handle screens as much as 20 30-inches and pounds.

Modern: Jarvis Monitor Mount
If style and beauty are your concern, then Jarvis has the install for you. This install looks fantastic, is offered in three colors (black, silver, and white), and has concealed cable television management to keep things tidy. It can only support displays up to 19.8 pounds and 32-inches, however if your display screen falls under that, this is a terrific, elegant mount.

Finest Overall


Finest Budget

The stand your screen featured is probably great, but if youre wanting to supercharge your work areas versatility, then an aftermarket display arm is the way to go. These allow you to easily change the height, angle, and even orientation of your display, so your office constantly fits your needs.

What to Look for in a Monitor Mount
Monitor installs might look basic, but there are things worth thinking about when picking which one to buy.

Jarvis Monitor Mount

Finest Wall Mount: HUANUO Monitor Wall Mount
If you want to conserve even more desk space, then HUANUO has an excellent wall mount for you. This tough mount supports keeps track of as much as 26.4 pounds and 35-inches, and anchors into the wall with a number of lag bolts. Include plenty of articulation, cable management hooks, and some strong joints, and youve got an all-around terrific mount for a cost effective price.

Jarvis definitely takes the crown with this sleek install if youre focusing on style.

Best Wall Mount

Finest Freestanding Option: VIVO Single Monitor Mount
While freestanding mounts may not be as popular, VIVOs model still is available in clutch with an excellent stand at a sensible price. It looks simple from the outdoors, but it still permits for all the monitor adjustments you d expect. It can support monitors as much as 22 pounds and 32-inches, and is available in black and white.
Theres likewise a taller version of the stand offered if you need some extra height.

Best Freestanding Option

Design: Theres more than one way to develop a display mount, but the most popular designs are clamp-on, freestanding, and wall mounts. Wall mounts sidestep all of these problems by installing into the wall, but that assumes you have a wall close by you can screw into. If you want something easier while saving a couple of bucks at the exact same time, then Amazons typical single display install need to be great for you. It lacks the expression of more sophisticated mounts, only enabling you to adjust the height and angle, however it still sports a metal building and construction and can deal with screens up to 20 30-inches and pounds.

It can just support screens up to 19.8 pounds and 32-inches, however if your display falls under that, this is an excellent, stylish mount.