This Adult-Sized Tamiya Wild One RC Car is Fully Electric and Drivable

Tamiya, The Little Car Co
. Anyone around in the 80s-90s probably understands about Tamiyas popular radio-controlled (RC) cars.
Now, a British company is bringing your favorite RC vehicle to life by creating the “Wild One Max,” an 8/10 scale replica of the popular 1985 cars and truck. Just this time, itll be huge enough for grownups to fit inside and drive themselves. No remote required, although the business will make some additions to guarantee its street legal.
The Little Car Company will develop the Wild One Max for release in 2022, under license from Tamiya. It sounds like this little electric buggy will set about 30 miles per hour and get 25 miles per charge. Nevertheless, there will be a vast array of parts and upgrades readily available for lovers to go all-out and make it the most nostalgic thing ever.
Tamiya, The Little Car Co
. Furthermore, the Tamiya Wild One Max life-sized buggy will load a polycarbonate chassis and metal roll cage, headlights, suspended oil-filled Coilover shocks, tracking rear-arm suspension, and incredible little 15-inch wheels with hydraulic Brembo disc brakes.
This thing will cost around ₤ 6,000/ EUR7000/ $8,250 when it gets here in 2022, with a lot of upgrades for efficiency or street-legal additions. Pre-order one today and prepare yourself to roll.
by means of Engadget.