Twitter makes some tweets editable (but not how you’d hoped)

This is a function the social-networking service has actually been playing with for numerous years. It might be close to prevalent implementation, as the company believes it has a favorable impact. “After screening and improving triggers that ask you to evaluate a offending or potentially hazardous reply, we discovered that this feature can assist encourage more significant convos,” Twitter stated.
The popup that will be shown to iPhone users now says, “Want to evaluate this before Tweeting? Were asking people to review replies with offensive or potentially hazardous language.”.

Not actually editable tweets.
While a half step in that instructions, Wednesdays modification isnt editable Tweets. The user has actually pressed the “Tweet” button however the message has not yet been published when the user gets a popup asking if they want to revise their message.
Twitter shows no interest in making tweets editable. In an interview with The Verge in 2020, the topic turned up and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said, “Well most likely never ever do it.”.

Twitter has your back if youve ever said something in a tweet you immediately was sorry for. Its letting iPhone users test a potential brand-new feature that provides people the chance to modify a “hazardous” tweet prior to its sent out.

The example provided consists of multiple swear insults but words. Twitter apparently isnt considering the niceties of etiquette. If they really desire to send out texts containing profanity, its simply going to ask people.
This feature wont be reserved to iPhone for long. The business likewise stated Wednesday, “Were now rolling out these triggers on iOS and quickly Android.”.

“After testing and improving triggers that ask you to examine a potentially harmful or offensive reply, we discovered that this feature can help encourage more meaningful convos,” Twitter stated.
The example provided consists of multiple swear words but insults. Twitter obviously isnt considering the niceties of etiquette. Its simply going to ask people if they truly desire to send texts including profanity.

You might quickly see a popup asking if you truly wish to say that to your sweetheart. Photo: Twitter

The main Twitter Support account stated on Wednesday (via Twitter, naturally):.
” When things get heated up, you might state things you do not mean. To let you reassess a reply, were running a limited experiment on iOS with a prompt that offers you the choice to modify your reply prior to its released if it utilizes language that might be hazardous.”.