[Updated] Google Bypasses Roku’s YouTube TV Ban by Moving It to the Main YouTube App

If you downloaded YouTube TELEVISION on your Roku prior to April 30th, then you can still use the YouTube TV app normally. If youre a brand-new YouTube TV consumer with a Roku, then you have to use Googles new workaround. Open the basic YouTube app and press the “Go to YouTube TELEVISION” button in the sidebar. Roku attempted using YouTube TELEVISION access as a bargaining chip, but Google discovered a workaround.

Simply a week after Roku removed YouTube TELEVISION from its app store, Google is now utilizing the fundamental YouTube app to host YouTube TVs services. Google talked about the Trojan Horse maneuver in an article, and hinted that it may offer complimentary streaming stays with clients if negotiations with Roku break down.
You can still utilize the YouTube TV app normally if you downloaded YouTube TV on your Roku before April 30th. If youre a brand-new YouTube TV consumer with a Roku, then you have to utilize Googles brand-new workaround. Open the standard YouTube app and press the “Go to YouTube TV” button in the sidebar. You ought to be redirected to the complete YouTube TELEVISION interface.
The conflict between Google and Roku is complicated, however it appears to revolve around Googles insistence on AV1 codec assistance for streaming devices. Google wants future Roku gadgets to support the efficient and fast AV1 codec for YouTube, a requirement that could increase the price of Roku items.

Google states that negotiations with Roku are ongoing, however to be honest, it appears like the business is getting ready for the worst. According to its post, Google is “in conversations with other partners to secure free streaming gadgets in case YouTube TV members face any access concerns on Roku,” a pricey and remarkable relocation.
Update, 5/7/21 3:44 pm: Roku issues a scathing statement to The Verge:
The bundling announcement by YouTube highlights the kind of predatory service practices utilized by Google that Congress, Attorney Generals and regulatory bodies around the world are examining. In reaction, Google has actually continued its practice of blatantly leveraging its YouTube monopoly to force an independent business into a contract that is both bad for consumers and bad for reasonable competitors.
This is getting uglier by the minute.

Its hard to tell what will occur next. Roku tried utilizing YouTube TELEVISION access as a bargaining chip, however Google found a workaround. Unless the business concern an agreement, Roku might be forced to follow Googles demand for AV1 codec assistance. Or, you understand, Roku will just state “screw it” and prohibit YouTube from its platform completely.
Source: Google via 9to5Google