What Is Twitter Spaces, and Is It Different From Clubhouse?

Social media websites tend to follow patterns and recreate popular features. What are Twitter Spaces and should you care about them?
The tale of Twitter Spaces is a lot like the previously mentioned “Stories” pattern. Everything started with a hot, new social media called Clubhouse that rapidly ended up being popular. Naturally, Twitter (and several other socials media) desired in on the trend, whichs when Spaces was born.
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Twitter Wants in the Clubhouse

When youre ended up with the Space, tap “End.”.

Thats practically all there is to it. Twitter Spaces is an easy-to-use feature to have discussions with good friends for your Twitter audience to listen to live. No video, no text, just simple voice and no pressure for anybody who does not want to talk.
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When the Space has started, you can toggle your mic on or off, invite others and change speaking roles, select a reaction, and share the Space on your Twitter feed.

To create a space, tap the floating “+” button in the bottom-right corner and select “Spaces.” The drifting button will only be for making up tweets if Spaces are not readily available to you yet.

The Host can alter who can speak while the Space is live. They can likewise provide Listeners the capability to speak at any time, and Listeners can likewise request to speak (though the Host does not have to give it). Hosts can silence speakers at any time too.
While Clubhouse has a limit of 5,000 individuals, theres no limitation on the variety of listeners in a Twitter Space. There is a limit of 11 speakers (consisting of the Host).
How to Use Twitter Spaces.
Twitter Spaces are offered for iPhone, iPad, and Android users to sign up with and create in the Twitter mobile app. At the time of writing, Spaces is not available on desktop.
When someone youre following is hosting a Twitter Space, you will see their profile photo in the leading “Fleets” bar with a purple outline. To sign up with the Space, tap it and choose “Join This Space.”.

Twitter Spaces is an obvious response to an upstart social network called “Clubhouse.” Clubhouse expenses itself as the “drop-in social media network,” and thats a respectable description of what it does.
People use Clubhouse to produce live, audio-only chat rooms. If a space is public, people are complimentary to “drop-in” and listen.
Clubhouse launched on iPhone initially and was invite-only. This, along with the reality that some stars and prominent people in the tech scene got on board, produced a lot of initial hype. Twitter rapidly took notice and started working on Spaces, its own take on the “drop-in social media network.”
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What Is a Twitter Space?
So Twitter Spaces is a response to Clubhouse, but do they operate in the very same method? Basically. Much like Clubhouse, Spaces are audio-only live chat spaces. Consider it as a live radio show that anyone can sign up with.
That might sound a lot like an old-school teleconference, however there are some essential things that make Spaces special. A huge part of the experience is the capability to drop-in. Youre not signing up with a conference where your face is on the screen and youre anticipated to talk.
A Twitter Space is more like a live, in-person event than a virtual conference. Imagine youre at a college and theres a discussion going on in each classroom. You can choose to go into any class you like, sit down, and listen.
Responses in a Twitter Space
And similar to you may perform in the crowd of a real live event, there are some “responses” at your disposal. Utilize the hand emoji to raise your hand, or toss up the “100” emoji if youre really digging what the Host is saying.
Clubhouse didnt develop the principle of a live drop-in virtual event, but they did popularize the audio-only variation of it. Twitter Spaces builds on that and brings it to a much bigger audience.
Who Can Talk in a Twitter Space?
As pointed out, a huge part of Twitter Spaces is who can really talk. Its not a free-for-all where everybody who signs up with can immediately begin talking. It can be like that, however thats not normally the purpose of the Space.
That suggests only you, the individual who started a Space, gets to decide who can talk. The other options for who can speak are “People You Follow” and “Everyone.”.

Naturally, Twitter (and a number of other social networks) wanted in on the trend, and thats when Spaces was born.
Twitter rapidly took notification and began working on Spaces, its own take on the “drop-in social network.”
A Twitter Space is more like a live, in-person event than a virtual meeting. The Host can change who can speak while the Space is live. Twitter Spaces is an easy-to-use function to have conversations with buddies for your Twitter audience to listen to live.

Youll then provide the space a name and tap “Start Your Space.”.