Writing with Light: Ten Tips for Solar Photography with Great ROI

Youll desire to be able to use your visual properties in all circumstances, from full-screen sites to trade program screens. Dont invest in high-quality, high-ROI possessions unless your plan is in place. Be prepared for high-resolution file workflow and build a DAM (Digital Asset Management system) to double or triple archive your visual possessions. Many of our customers have sections in their brand standards handbooks for visual possession development to make sure all of their photographers and videographers are “on the exact same page” and record assets that feel and look the very same producing consistency throughout their possessions. Spending plan for premium possessions and plan and prepare for success!

by Woody Welch
Shining the very best light on your renewable resource projects is crucial when attempting to convey a reliable marketing message. Purchasing expert, innovative photography and video will pay for itself sometimes over in the highly visual world we live in today. Here are some pointers on how to develop visual possessions with great ROI from our gifted partner and pal, Woody Welch, who has traveled everywhere shooting a few of the most stunning solar photos and videos in the industry.
The word photography comes from Latin, with photo meaning light and chart significance to draw or write. When we take a photo is composing with light, what we are doing. When it concerns marketing your clean energy business, it pays to ask yourself, “Am I shining the finest light on my tasks?”.
When shooting images of any sustainable energy task, there are numerous variables. Here are my leading 10 tips for getting the best roi from your photography and video assets..
Credit: Woody Welch.
1.) Photograph your solar energy tasks in the very best light. Shooting at mid-day can really work well because of the connection with the sun (what I call the “plug-in” moment) or the “angle of incidence.” This plug-in message can typically be communicated throughout the day instead of just at the golden hour at the beginning and end of the day. The angle of incidence is recorded when the sun is at a 45-degree angle to your task, casting the suns reflection directly into the lens, whether it be an aerial image, on a rooftop or on the ground..
2.) Use the golden hour to develop drama and feeling in your jobs. This one is basic: Wake up early and shoot the hour starting at sunrise or shoot the hour before sundown and a little after. Furthermore you can photo mid-morning or late afternoon to get shadows to assist create depth understanding..
Credit: Woody Welch.
3.) Work with an expert, not a hobbyist. It appears today that everyone is a drone photographer and there are as numerous fly-by-night shooters as there are raindrops in a thunderstorm. Make the effort to take a look at the professionals work. Ensure that their BODY of work is not simply a few images they got fortunate with however rather numerous groups of terrific images of lots of projects that reveal they have consistently produced worth for their clients. An excellent photographer will produce excellent work for EVERY customer. They may cost more in advance but your ROI will be vastly much better in the short and long run..
Quick story to highlight this point: I had a customer in the high-cost market of LA attempt an inexpensive professional photographer once instead of paying my team market rate to do the task right the first time. Since he comprehended the worth my pictures brought to a sales scenario, the client was back in less than six months and more than willing to pay my professional rates. Heres what he said to me:.
” Your images promote me. I dont have to talk when I utilize your images in my decks. They speak a thousand words and enable me to do what I do finest instead of costs hours describing what it is I do.”.
He is still my client 15 years later on.
Youll desire to be able to utilize your visual possessions in all situations, from full-screen sites to trade program displays. If you anticipate your business to grow, as most solar companies today do, prepare for growth with high-ROI digital assets.
Have a plan for campaign-based media placement and a schedule. Dont invest in high-quality, high-ROI possessions unless your strategy is in place.
6.) Strategy strategy strategy! Dot all your Is and cross your Ts. Make all contacts with residential or commercial property supervisors, and get advance clearance for homes and approvals from the FAA for drone flights (where applicable). All properties around airports will not have the ability to be recorded with a drone. Cities like DC have no-fly zones and you will have to get permission sometimes months in advance. If you work with a reputable photographer, they will do the heavy lifting for you..
Credit: Woody Welch.
7.) Have backup prepare for your backup strategies and a comprehensive rain contingency strategy. For obvious reasons, you can not shoot solar projects in the rain. If you shoot in cloudy or overcast weather condition, additionally your message will be diluted. Please do not make me discuss this one..
8.) Be prepared for high-resolution file workflow and build a DAM (Digital Asset Management system) to double or triple archive your visual possessions. This is literally an insurance cost and an investment in effectiveness that will pay dividends over the life of the images..
9.) Get rid of variables. Much of photography is about removing what is trivial in any provided image. A number of our clients have sections in their brand requirements handbooks for visual asset production to make certain all of their professional photographers and videographers are “on the exact same page” and catch assets that feel and look the same creating consistency throughout their properties. This is a much bigger offer than many folks think it is.
Spending plan for premium assets and strategy and prepare for success! The right emotional tone in one video or a single image can produce a powerful connection to a customer, even in the industrial solar world.
There are numerous elements involved in producing excellent photography and videos that provide short- and long-lasting ROI. When photography is on message, technically exact and of the highest quality possible, your ROI will be sometimes higher than if you go the low-cost and easy path.
Woody Welch, creator and CEO of Earth Repairian Media and owner of Wood E. Photography, has remained in the trenches in the energy industry for over 25 years, recording a few of the worlds biggest renewable resource projects, directing commercials and video stories and producing high-ROI, on-message images for Fortune 500 clients on time and on spending plan every time. Contact us today to transform your solar marketing with effective visual properties.