“Can I Binge?” Tells You How Long It’ll Take to Rush through a TV Show

Can I Binge?
Trying to view all of Stranger Things prior to season 4 comes out? A brand-new site called Can I Binge determines how hard you require to binge a show in order to finish it in a day, month, week, or year. I dont understand how we made it through for so long without this.
Established by Brian Yung, Can I Binge pulls episode data from IMDb to find out how tough you require to binge a program. The website immediately brings up shows when you begin typing, and gives you the choice to set your binge goal to any number of days that you like.
Some shows, like The Simpsons and Mister Rogers Neighborhood, merely can not be binged in one week. When a binge objective is unreachable, the Can I Binge site says things like “nope, you d need to watch non-stop for at least 7 days.”
Can I Binge is chosen for 2 Webby Awards, and you can elect the site if you desire to. While youre doing that, I require to buy some products for my 4-day Bobs Burgers binge.
Source: Can I Binge? via Gizmodo