Google Tries to Save Android Tablets With New Entertainment Space

Android tablets arent all that popular these days, and if were honest, they never ever were. Nevertheless, Google is trying to alter that with an all-new “Entertainment Space” for tablets. It looks a lot like Google TELEVISION.
When it concerns tablets, the iPad dominates the discussion, then Samsungs Galaxy Tab comes in a really far-off 2nd place. Much, in fact, that even Google appears to have mainly forgotten that Android tablets exist. Even if more individuals are using tablets lately due to the pandemic.
And yes, while Google did introduce “Kids Space” in 2015, it wasnt enough to get individuals thinking about Android tablets. Google simply revealed a quite cool brand-new user interface designed around consuming media that may help.
The new “Entertainment Space” is developed for multimedia with sections for Watch, Games, and Reading. With that very first one, “Watch” being extremely similar in style to Google TV. Concentrating on delivering motion pictures, TELEVISION shows, and more directly to your larger Android screen.
Under the very first row, Google has an entire area committed to other consumable apps on your device. Things like Hulu, Twitch, YouTube TELEVISION, and more. Honestly, it looks quite great and might really provide the few Android tablet users left a huge increase in pleasure. Though there will also be an omission to the content here– Netflix will not belong of the Entertainment Space. It will show up as a current app within the area, however Netflix content wont be available. Thats a substantial hole from a service that many individuals register for.
Regrettably, in an extremely Google relocation, this isnt readily available for all Android tablets. Beginning this month, Entertainment Space will appear on Walmarts Onn tablets. Later on this year, we can anticipate a global release for more Android tablets. Google discussed a couple of by name, but Samsung wasnt one of them.
According to Android Centrals Daniel Bader, the Entertainment Space will take place of Google Discover on the leftmost pane of the launcher on supported devices. This indicates the rollout will more than likely remain in a system upgrade given that it appears it will most likely be using limited APIs to generate material.
via: Google Blog

Google is trying to change that with an all-new “Entertainment Space” for tablets. Much, in reality, that even Google appears to have actually mostly forgotten that Android tablets exist. With that very first one, “Watch” being very similar in style to Google TELEVISION. In an extremely Google move, this isnt offered for all Android tablets.