Own an Apple TV? Your AppleCare Coverage Just Got Extended to Three Years

Peter Kotoff/Shutterstock. com.
Consumers who have actually bought AppleCare for their AppleTV just recently received an e-mail from Apple stating that their coverage has now been extended from two years to 3 at no surcharge. This is only for the basic AppleCare plan.
The three-year coverage period for the Apple TV begins with the very first day of the strategys purchase. Coverage updates automatically on each consumers account and users dont have to do anything on their end to secure this extra year of security. Formerly, this strategy covered 2 years of hardware service and technical support alternatives, and leaves out unexpected damage.
In the quick e-mail, Apple doesnt share any specific reason that its extending AppleCare coverage for the Apple TELEVISION, however its probably due to the shift to AppleCare+ for Apple TELEVISION. AppleCare+ was just announced for the Apple TELEVISION, simply after the brand-new Apple TV 4K was revealed at Apples April Spring Loaded occasion.
AppleCare protection for the Apple TELEVISION starts at $29, and is a terrific way to secure your device and easily get it repaired in case of damage to its hardware or software parts. We suggest signing up for the protection strategy given what it uses if youre preparing on acquiring an Apple TELEVISION or other Apple gadget.
via MacRumors.