In Medford, Tiff’s Hallmark gets an energy boost from brighter, more efficient lights

When Stephanie and Tim Reins opened their gift store on hectic Biddle Road, they utilized whatever light bulbs remained in stock, blending warm tones with cool and fluorescents with incandescents. Working with Energy Trust of Oregon, the store recently updated to energy-efficient LEDs totally free. The upgrade conserves money and reveals off their merchandise in its best light.
For many years, Tiffs Hallmark in Medford has actually constructed a faithful following by using items that you cant find online and customer support that keeps people coming back.
” Frankly, you can buy a card at your corner supermarket. So, what were known for is fantastic customer support and assisting individuals discover precisely what they require,” said Stephanie Reins, who owns the store with her other half, Tim.
Tiffs deals welcoming cards, collectibles, jewelry and accessories, as well as a U.S. Post Office counter inside the store. Its a one-stop purchase individuals wanting to discover and deliver presents to pals and enjoyed ones.
When the Reins opened Tiffs in the Bear Creek Plaza shopping mall 10 years ago, the 3,6000-square-foot space was bare bones. The couple consulted with Hallmark on the floor strategy and construct out, getting approval for each detail.
” We practically altered the within the shop to look much like Hallmark pictured that area for us,” Stephanie stated.
The lights, nevertheless, didnt get much attention then. And Tiffs has lighting all over: Spotlights, pendulum lights, overhead lights in the drop ceiling and integrated screen case lighting.
” There was constantly a light heading out here, a light going out there,” Stephanie remembered. “We had this lovely shop, and our lighting was simply not in good shape.”
Someone would run to the electrical supply store and hope the ideal products were in stock when bulbs blew out. They d have to put up a stepladder and keep their balance while installing new bulbs in the shops precarious nooks and crannies.
” Every time we would go and buy brand-new lights, they would be a different brightness– or in some cases a different color– than we had gotten previously,” Stephanie said. “To state the least, it was a hodgepodge of lighting. We were absolutely prepared for some type of change.”
When Energy Trust of Oregons little service outreach staff reached out to Stephanie, she was thrilled to find out that Tiffs could replace all of its lights with energy-efficient LEDs totally free through Energy Trusts no-cost lighting deal for little services.
Working with Cox Electric, an Energy Trust trade ally contractor, Tiffs proceeded with the upgrade in October of 2021. “Its now the very same brightness, the same strength, in every part of the store,” Stephanie stated. “Thats precisely what we required.”
Since the brand-new lights will last 35 to 50 times longer than incandescents and as much as five times longer than fluorescents, the staff also will not need to alter the bulbs nearly as frequently.
Tiffs Hallmark owner Stephanie Reins has full marks for the stores Energy Trust lighting upgrade. “I cant state adequate about this program,” she said, “and I know we will benefit significantly from the entire experience.
Stephanie is gushing when she reflects back on the process. “In my 43 years in retail, this was one of my best experiences with an outside supplier coming into my store.
The new bulbs literally reveal Tiffs product in its finest light, she included. After the upgrade, “whatever looked new. It offered not just the personnel, however also myself, a sense of new energy about the store.”
The job took about a day and a half, with the electricians working around Tiffs workers so the shop didnt have to close during the busy pre-holiday season.
” They were gentlemen, and I utilize that word intentionally,” Stephanie said of the Cox crew. “I would motivate anyone who is thinking of doing this to go for it. The advantages so outweigh any inconvenience– and the hassle was minimal.”
The brand-new lights will likewise conserve Tiffs an approximated $1,250 a year on utilities. Thats cash Stephanie and Tim chose to put towards raises for the shops 10 workers, keeping their rates above minimum wage.
” My staff suggests so much to me and we do not wish to lose them,” Stephanie stated. “We desire to keep them happy. So, we were able to share that wealth with the individuals who work so difficult in our store.”
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Working with Energy Trust of Oregon, the shop just recently upgraded to energy-efficient LEDs for totally free. “Its now the exact same brightness, the exact same strength, in every part of the store,” Stephanie stated. “In my 43 years in retail, this was one of my finest experiences with an outside vendor coming into my shop. It gave not just the personnel, however also myself, a sense of brand-new energy about the shop.”
We were able to share that wealth with the people who work so hard in our shop.”