Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance celebrates 25 years of market transformation

Its been 25 years given that the Northwest Power and Conservation Council required the production of a local company to leader market transformation, a new technique to speeding up long-term and positive market changes to make energy-efficient services and products available to more Northwest houses and businesses.
As a result, Northwest investor-owned utilities and Bonneville Power Administration (representing publicly owned energies) came together to fund the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) to advance energy performance throughout Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.
Today, Energy Trust is one of 140 energies and energy efficiency companies that agreement with NEEA to reduce energy usage for Oregon clients of Portland General Electric, Pacific Power, NW Natural, Cascade Natural Gas and Avista. Our subscription has actually settled– NEEA energy savings have been among the lowest-cost savings in the Energy Trust energy-saving portfolio.
Energy Trust and NEEA work hand-in-hand to advance Oregons energy effectiveness goals. By pooling resources at a regional level to deal with suppliers, makers and merchants, NEEA speeds up the development, screening and circulation of new energy-saving equipment and techniques. NEEA recognizes and improves brand-new high-efficiency items, practices and services and assists bring them to market. As soon as items are prepared and offered, Energy Trust creates and executes programs to support broad market adoption in Oregon. Utility consumers benefit by seeing a higher choice of higher-efficiency products offered at stores, and through improvements to building codes and devices standards that will save energy.
All of NEEAs activities are carefully coordinated between Energy Trust and NEEA through our representation on the NEEA board of directors and on technical advisory and coordinating committees– making sure NEEAs work benefits the clients we serve. We report on NEEA activities and expenditures in quarterly and yearly reports to the Oregon Public Utility Commission.
See NEEAs 25-year event video, including voices from around the area reflecting on our collective accomplishments and the ongoing significance of our unique Northwest alliance. The video likewise includes Energy Trusts executive director Michael Colgrove, who shares his thoughts on how NEEA plays an important role in helping the nonprofit provide clients with cost-effective and efficient energy-saving services.
Listen to the full podcast episode and visit Energy Trusts website to learn about rewards for energy efficiency and renewable energy, including hydropower.