Online Multiplayer Comes to OG Game Boy ‘Tetris’ Thanks to a Custom Mod

On the software side of things, stacksmashing developed a web-based online and a local customer game server. The previous will require to be run on the hosts computer system their Game Boy is linked to via the USB adapter, while the latter function as a digital alternative to the lead Game Boy..
Through the server, matches can be produced in addition to unique match IDs the video game host can share with their buddies. From there, the host can select which music to play and the server will designate the list of tetrominoes and track the video games development to signal other players when theres a winner (or when other players lose). The principle resembles Tetris 99, which was launched in 2019, but limits it just to gamers you choose to play with..
via Engadget.

Nintendos wonderful Game Boy portable gaming console is simply as iconic as the classic video game Tetris. And now, thanks to a clever tinkerer, you can play that game on that console … online with numerous good friends, a la Tetris 99.
A hacker by the name of stacksmashing recently published a video on YouTube demonstrating how they set this all up. Sweating off the concept of Nintendos original Game Link Cable device, the hacker integrates a USB adapter, a Raspberry Pi Pico, and some level shifters to produce the hardware essential to take the game online.