The Verge’s 2022 Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Busy Bistro Magic Puzzle

Gifting a puzzle might sound a bit tame, but it can be an exciting one if it’s as uniquely detailed as The Busy Bistro Magic Puzzle. It’ll be a gift that puzzle lovers and newcomers alike should enjoy, especially given comes with two posters of the artwork, so you and your dad can work together to unlock the twist at the end of the 1,000-piece jigsaw.
Price: $19.99

Hori Split Pad Pro

If Nintendo’s own Joy-Con controllers for the Switch leave your hands feeling cramped, consider grabbing Hori’s Split Pad Pro as a replacement. Their ergonomic design makes the Nintendo Switch feel more like a traditional console controller while in handheld mode, with full-sized analog sticks, buttons, and triggers. They lack wireless functionality, however, so they’re meant to be used exclusively while connected to the Switch.
Price: $42.50

Leatherman Bond

The Leatherman Bond multi-tool is the most secret agent-esque option that the company currently makes. The stainless-steel Bond is very compact when folded up when compared to bulkier alternatives but still packs in a lot of utility, including a pair of pliers, wire cutters, and 12 other instruments that are sure to come in handy in a pinch.
Price: $59.95

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE is a culmination of Apple’s most essential smartwatch features and design elements, boiled down into a device that typically costs far less than the latest model. It also comes with an assortment of unique straps and in two size configurations (40mm and 44mm), giving you a choice in how large you want your Apple Watch to be.
Price: $249+

iRobot Roomba j7

There are robot vacuums that can mosey around your home sweeping up debris, and then there are options like iRobot’s Roomba J7, which can do that while also intelligently avoiding pet accidents. And while the robovac lacks the self-emptying dock that comes with the pricier j7 Plus model, it still offers nearly two hours of battery life and the same set of features.
Price: $579.63 to $599 subscription

You don’t have to buy physical books from your local bookstore to support them. With a monthly subscription to, a portion of what you spend on each audiobook is sent to the bookstore of your choosing, giving your dad an convenient way to support his community and catch up on the latest nonfiction.
Price: $14.99 monthly

Kanto YU2 desktop speakers

If you want a stylish yet understated set of desktop speakers that’s not too massive or pricey, Kanto’s YU2 is a good option. Each set offers USB connectivity for a PC, an auxiliary jack for a stereo receiver or record player, and a port for a subwoofer (sold separately). Plus, they come in red, teal, and a variety of fun colors that will make any bookshelf pop.
Price: $199.99

Coleman Camping Stove

Choosing the right camp stove can be tough, but Coleman’s budget-friendly model is a great choice that’s built to stand the test of time (or at least a number of years). The rugged, propane-fueled stove is on the no-frills side — it offers two burners and lacks an igniter — but it cooks evenly and easily folds into a briefcase when its time to ditch the picnic table and head out.
Price: $48

FuboTV subscription

While there are numerous streaming services available, FuboTV is the definitive option to consider as a Father’s Day gift if dad can’t miss sporting events. The service boasts over 100 channels with live and on-demand sports, not to mention cloud-based recording and 4K options for select events. Needless to say, catching up on that 3AM Arsenal game has never been easier.
Price: $69.99 monthly

Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails

If Dad considers himself to a budding mixologist, humble him (with love, of course) with the Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails, which features over 500 different cocktail recipes. The contemporary book is oft considered an industry staple and can teach you how to make everything from a Oaxacan old-fashioned to an aperitivo julep, ensuring dad will never run out of ideas or inspiration.
Price: $25.99 to $35.99

Goal Zero Yeti 400 portable power station

Goal Zero’s gas-free Yeti 400 is a portable power station that could be good for people who want to bring some power with them on extended camping trips. It could also make for solid backup battery, too, should you need to recharge your phone and other essentials during a power outage. This model has two AC outlets, two USB ports, and 12V charging that allows it to power up to seven devices at once.
Price: $449.95

Zendure SuperTank Pro

Zendure’s SuperTank Pro is one of the most powerful, compact 100W power banks available. It houses a 26,800mAh battery and four USB-C ports, two of which can recharge at up to 100W, as well as an OLED panel designed to show the charging speeds for each port and how long it’ll take to recharge the SuperTank Pro.
Price: $209.99 to 229.99

Wowstick Electric Screwdriver

We all know it’s nice to always have the right tool for the job, and with the Wowstick Electric Screwdriver, the right tools take up less space than ever. This rechargeable screwdriver includes 56 magnetic bits and plenty of other gizmos, making it an ideal tool for adjusting the bridge on a guitar, fixing appliances, or just cobbling together some borderline-shoddy Ikea furniture.
Price: $38.69

Garmin Venu 2 Plus

The Venu 2 Plus from Garmin is a smartwatch that boasts the company’s signature fitness tracking and GPS, along with a speaker and microphone for responding to voice commands. It might be big on small wrists, but it’s easy on the eyes in terms of style and readability. Plus, unlike most smartwartches, it offers more than 10 days of battery life.
Price: $449.99

Apple AirTags

Apple’s AirTags are, hands down, the best item-tracking gadgets for iPhone users. The waterproof Bluetooth trackers cost $29 each, can easily slip into a bag or attach to a bespoke lanyard (sold separately), and can be tracked via Apple’s Find My network, which is far more robust than Tile’s out-of-range finding network.
Price: $29

Nikon Trailblazer Binoculars

Whether Dad enjoys scouting for birds or gazing at distant constellations, a set of Nikon Trailblazer binoculars could be the gift that lets him dive more deeply into his hobbies. They may not be the most advanced pair, but they’re a great starter set with a rubberized build and 8x magnification — which is plenty for keeping tabs on the pesky cardinal next store.
Price: $74.95

Roku Streaming Stick 4K

Roku’s Streaming Stick 4K offers a low-cost, unobtrusive way to make your TV smarter. It plugs into an HDMI port, and the included remote can be controlled with either your voice or its bevy of buttons. In terms of specs, it supports 4K content, Dolby Vision, HDR10 Plus, and Apple’s AirPlay 2, which makes it easy to play content to the device from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
Price: $47.54 to $49.99

Lock Laces

Make even the smallest things easier for Dad this Father’s Day, including tying his shoes. With Lock Laces, getting in and out of shoes is as easy as tightening or loosening the mechanism. This should minimize the amount of time and effort required to suit up or unwind.
Price: $9.99

Things Come Apart

A lot of attention is usually paid to how gadgets look on the outside. But if your dad likes to tinker, he’ll probably appreciate Things Come Apart, a gorgeous tabletop book that shows what common consumer tech looks like in deconstructed form. Who knew the innards of typewriter could make for such an eye-catching work of art?
Price: $19.52

Sony LinkBuds

You won’t find many wireless earbuds as unique as Sony’s LinkBuds. These offer a comfortable, open-style design, letting in sounds from the outside world and mixing them with your audio content. They also work like your average wireless earbud, allowing you to connect to devices via Bluetooth and sport a futuristic look that’ll make Dad stand out.
Price: $179

Aeropress Go

The Aeropress Go is a great all-in-one solution for making a delicious cup of coffee, whether you’re at home or on the move. The portable coffee press is designed to be compact, rendering it a handy piece of gear if you go on camping trips, need to stay in a hotel, or if you’re visiting someone who is more partial to black tea than a cup of the ol’ joe.
Price: $34.99 to $39.99

Lego Back to the Future Time Machine

Let’s face it: there’s a good chance that Dad was around when the first installment of Back to the Future landed and gull-wing doors were actually a thing. Whether that’s the case or not, however, this Lego set featuring everyone’s favorite time-traveling DeLorean will make for a fun group activity, especially since the detailed replica makes use of a whopping 1,856 pieces.
Price: $169.99

Shokz OpenRun open-ear headphones

Listening to music and podcasts with headphones outside is fun but not always the safest thing to do since it can cut off what you hear from the outside world. Well, the Shokz OpenRun were made to provide the best of both worlds, letting you hear everything thanks to its bone conduction design. They’re also perfect for cycling, running, and other strenuous activities, thanks to their IP67 resistance rating.
Price: $129.95

The Creative Gene

The Creative Gene offers a chance to peer into the mind of Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear Solid, Death Stranding, and a handful of other cult-classic video games. Through a series of essays, the insightful book dives into what has inspired some of his most well-known creations, ranging from shows like Bewitched to the anime series Space Battleship Yamato.
Price: $16.60

Elgato Stream Deck Mini

Elgato’s Stream Deck Mini is a compact control station that can be programmed to execute your most vital PC functions. Originally designed to give creators and streamers an easier way to trigger macros that usually require multiple keystrokes or mouse clicks, it can also be used for more simple tasks, like unmuting in Zoom.
Price: $79.99

Cowboy 4 electric bike

Cowboy remains one of our favorite e-bike makers, one that has recently started selling its battery-assisted wears stateside. The Cowboy 4, the latest model, offers 50 percent more torque than last year’s C3 and a built-in “cockpit” that can wirelessly charge your phone as you ride. Frankly, it’s also probably easier on the eyes than that vintage Schwinn your dad won’t get rid of.
Price: $2,990

Ambient Weather Smart Weather Station

If your dad obsesses over the weather and various meteorological metrics — I mean, don’t they all? — consider gifting him this Wi-Fi-equipped weather station. The pole-mounted device includes a solar-powered kit, a convenient mobile app, and an LCD panel for keeping tabs on the temperature, precipitation, wind direction, and other useful metrics.
Price: $179.99

The Verge Keyboard Shirt

Here at The Verge, we love mechanical keyboards. In fact, we love them so much that we made some merch that even the less tech-savvy Dad might appreciate. This white, cotten tee with pink accents comes in a variety of sizes, too, ranging from XS to 3XL.
Price: $29