[Update: Statement] Aukey is In Trouble with Amazon, Has All of Its Products Removed

Head to the Aukey store, and you will find all the links are broken. Either they do not exist, or they result in products that are “not available.” At very first glance, its an unexpected turn of occasions thinking about the sheer popularity and ubiquitousness of Aukey items– it had dozens of entries, with more arriving all the time.
The couple of instances of in-stock products we can discover dont come from Amazon or Aukey, however third-party sellers instead. Because the store still exists, it seems unlikely that Amazon got rid of all of Aukeys listings. Similarly, another widely known device maker, Mpow, appears to be missing out on from Amazon also. Take a look at Mpows shop, and nearly every product appears “not available.” However we found two headsets still delivered and offered by Amazon.
We do not know for specific why Aukey (and maybe Mpow) were eliminated from Amazon. Speculation provides a most likely scenario: Fake evaluations. Last week the folks at SafetyDetectives discovered an insecure database that revealed an enormous phony evaluation plan from third-party Chinese makers.
As is typically the case, the producers used a basic method to fraud Amazons review system. It would a new item, then contact customers outside Amazons systems. That customer would consent to purchase the product, review it favorably, in exchange for compensation that spent for the product, and put extra cash into the individuals item.
As soon as enough fake reviews came in, Amazon would take notification of the luxury quality evaluations from “confirmed purchasers” and feature the product greatly. And thats versus Amazons terms.
SafetyDetectives reporting exposed 13 million records surrounding the scheme, but it didnt recognize straight which suppliers were included. But considering the timing, its not a huge leap to presume the report caused Aukey and Mpows demise.
For now, weve reached out to Amazon for a declaration, and well update this post when we understand more.
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The initial post is left undamaged below.

Cameron Summerson
When it concerns portable batteries, battery chargers, and other affordable accessories, Aukey was a reliable and well-known name on the Amazon marketplace. “Was” being the keyword since Amazon appears to have eliminated all Aukey listings and shuttered the Aukey shop..
Update, 5/10/21: Amazon reacted to our ask for remark. For its part, it doesnt comment particularly on enforcement actions it might take with sellers. However an Amazon representative went on to state:.

The few circumstances of in-stock items we can discover dont come from Amazon or Aukey, however third-party sellers rather. Considering that the storefront still exists, it seems not likely that Amazon removed all of Aukeys listings. We do not know for certain why Aukey (and possibly Mpow) were gotten rid of from Amazon. It would a new product, then call reviewers outside Amazons systems. As soon as enough phony reviews came in, Amazon would take notification of the luxury quality reviews from “verified buyers” and feature the product heavily.

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We have enduring policies to protect the stability of our shop, consisting of item credibility, real reviews, and products fulfilling the expectations of our customers. We take swift action against those that breach them, consisting of eliminating or suspending offering benefits. We take this responsibility seriously, monitor our decision precision and keep a high bar. We have an appeals procedure where sellers can discuss how they will avoid the violation from taking place in the future or let us understand if they think they were certified. Our teams are based in our Seattle head office and around the world in order to offer sellers with 24/7 support through email, phone, and chat in more than 15 languages.