Watch a Video of Tesla’s Cybertruck Zipping Through NYC

Pre-orders currently sit at over 650,000 for the polygonal EV, as people were required to place a $100 deposit to secure their order. There will be 3 setups available for the vehicle, too, ranging from $39,900 to $69,900 depending upon towing capability and range choices, though all three will feature the renowned cold-rolled steel exoskeleton and large modern interior.
With the automobiles notorious on-stage flub and Tesla having actually currently made a statement that it would revise the Cybertrucks style in order to comply with federal guideline (which still needs side mirrors and other information), the last style is still a bit up in the air.
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On Saturday, New Yorkers got an unusual glimpse of Teslas still-unreleased Cybertruck as it cruised past Manhattans Radio City Music Hall prior to Elon Musks look on Saturday Night Live. Quickly after, Tesla tweeted a short video of the drive.
Teslas video netted an inevitable, though underwhelming, action from Musk who tweeted “Great photo.” The distinct and futuristic Cybertruck is still slated to start production later on in 2021 at Teslas upcoming plant in Austin, Texas. The business hopes to have the very first batch of Cybertrucks on the marketplace by the end of the year, however that date might be pressed back.

Cybertruck in NYC
— Tesla (@Tesla) May 8, 2021