[Updated] Google Bypasses Roku’s YouTube TV Ban by Moving It to the Main YouTube App

If you downloaded YouTube TV on your Roku prior to April 30th, then you can still utilize the YouTube TELEVISION app normally. If youre a brand-new YouTube TV consumer with a Roku, then you have to utilize Googles new workaround. Open the basic YouTube app and press the “Go to YouTube TELEVISION” button in the sidebar. Roku tried using YouTube TELEVISION access as a bargaining chip, but Google found a workaround.

Google states that settlements with Roku are continuous, however to be honest, it looks like the company is getting ready for the worst. According to its article, Google is “in conversations with other partners to protect totally free streaming gadgets in case YouTube TELEVISION members deal with any access problems on Roku,” a significant and pricey move.
Update, 5/7/21 3:44 pm: Roku issues a scathing declaration to The Verge:
Googles actions are the clear conduct of an untreated monopolist bent on squashing reasonable competition and hurting customer option. The bundling statement by YouTube highlights the type of predatory business practices utilized by Google that Congress, Attorney Generals and regulative bodies worldwide are investigating. Roku has not asked for one additional dollar in monetary worth from YouTubeTV. We have actually merely asked Google to stop their anticompetitive habits of controling user search results page to their special monetary advantage and to stop requiring access to sensitive information that no other partner on our platform receives today. In action, Google has continued its practice of blatantly leveraging its YouTube monopoly to require an independent company into a contract that is both bad for consumers and bad for reasonable competitors.
This is getting uglier by the minute.

Just a week after Roku eliminated YouTube TV from its app store, Google is now using the basic YouTube app to host YouTube TVs services. Google discussed the Trojan Horse maneuver in an article, and hinted that it may provide free streaming adheres to consumers if negotiations with Roku break down.
If you downloaded YouTube TELEVISION on your Roku before April 30th, then you can still utilize the YouTube TV app typically. Open the basic YouTube app and press the “Go to YouTube TELEVISION” button in the sidebar.
The disagreement between Google and Roku is confusing, but it appears to revolve around Googles persistence on AV1 codec assistance for streaming devices. Google wants future Roku devices to support the fast and efficient AV1 codec for YouTube, a requirement that might increase the cost of Roku products.

Its hard to inform what will occur next. Roku attempted utilizing YouTube TELEVISION gain access to as a bargaining chip, however Google found a workaround. Unless the companies pertain to a contract, Roku may be forced to follow Googles request for AV1 codec assistance. Or, you understand, Roku will simply state “screw it” and ban YouTube from its platform totally.
Source: Google through 9to5Google